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Talking Moves

Oct 23, 2020

In this episode we talk to Maria Ghoumrassi and Wendy Steatham about the ways in which they have adapted their teaching to accommodate the need to be online.

They discuss their initial fears and approaches, the ways in which they have explored the functionality and played with the format, how they structure their classes: stripping back to fundamental technique or playing with open ended stimuli and the ways in which they have prioritised community and wellbeing. They drill down into some of the specifics such as camera off or on, break out rooms, playing with those ‘rectangles’, tackling the ‘delay’ as they count their dancers in and most importantly… how to deal with the rogue pet dog!

Together, Maria and Wendy muse thoughtfully about how this period may have changed us forever and what the dance class of tomorrow might look like.

Talking Moves is a Greenwich Dance production
Presented by Melanie Precious
Production by Carmel Smith, Lucy White and Melanie Precious